ManuscriptMiniatures.com was developed as a research source for medieval armour. Miniatures such as the ones presented here offer valuable insight into the form and function of armour, and complement other sources such as sculpture and extant pieces. The current state of digitized manuscripts online makes viewing numerous relevant miniatures across many manuscripts a difficult and time-consuming task. The search functionality on this website, as well as the direct access to miniatures, attempts to resolve this problem.

The images on this website are all from medieval illuminated manuscripts. They have been gathered from various sources, including manuscripts digitized in their entirety and available online, and hard copy facsimiles. All medieval manuscripts are in the public domain. In the United States (where this website is located), a mere mechanical reproduction of an image is not enough to secure a copyright. In other coutries, this may not be the case. ManuscriptMiniatures.com adheres to the same policy as Wikimedia - that is, reproductions of public domain images remain free to use despite laws in other countries that may grant copyright. All images have been appropriately sourced with a link to where the specific image was found (if possible), a link to the main index of the digitized manuscript (if possible), and an indication of the institution which owns the work. This website is intended to be a starting point for further research, and a way to quickly peruse a timeline of miniatures. You should independently research any particular manuscripts of interest to be sure all data is accurate and to take into consideration context.

Please note that if you wish to use any of the images on this website in a commercial context (websites, books, journals, etc), you must contact the holding institution. This information accompanies every image on the website.

Website Issues
  • You may hotlink directly to images on this website if you are using them in a non-commercial context. You don't need to save and rehost the image elsewhere.
  • Links to images on other websites may break. Please use the contact info below if this occurs. If the link has merely changed, it will be updated.
  • Reports of errors on this website or suggestions for improvement are welcome. Refer to the contact info below.
This website is a work in progress. If you notice that miniatures from a particular manuscript are missing, please use the contact info below. Remember that only miniatures created before 1450, and featuring armour, will be added to the collection. The following information is also required to be available: Country of origin, period (a range of years), and holding institution. Your comments and suggestions for improvement are also welcome.

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